Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Eye & Rare Potion Recipe's!

Morning Folks!

It seems that Scholomance has become a bit of a gold-mine for me!

Gwindle, my druid, is able to cut through that place like a hot knife through butter. Ok she dies once or twice, but its really not a problem in the larger scheme of things.

Last night the plans for Flask of Supreme Power dropped off Gandling (i think) this sold for over 350g last night!! Wow! I hope i get it again!

Saying that the epic tailoring pattern i got hasnt sold yet even though i remember this going for a lot of gold back in the old days! I guess level 60 epic patterns just arent worth what they used to be.

I also got the Lightforge Bracers off trash in scholo! So i can start running the instance with firelight to try get the helm from gandling - i've not tried it with him that much - if he dies it tends to be quite expensive. I might have to find a level 55-60 healery type to come with me if i go with Firelight - a druid or priest so that if the lightforge drops a paladin wont need on it!! >.<

I suppose i should try and get the key to UBRS - that would make things easier once i need to go in there to get the shoulders that never dropped for me ever in the world - ever!

How I'm going to manage that i don't know...hmmm UBRS could be the real stickler in my plan.

I cant see that it'll be too hard to get a group together for it - but PuG's, as we all know, can be a real pain. I mean 4 or 5 70's should be able to clear out UBRS in 30/40 minutes...i guess i could pester my old-skool buddies who seemed to enjoy our fun last time!! just need to make sure we have a tank or healer with us.

I guess we'll just have to see!

So last night we went to the Eye, i guess the powers that be decided we needed more gear upgrades from TK and SSC before we try Vashj again after the reset tomorrow.

So we went and downed Void Reaver which we one-shot as usual, and for some reason I found myself bidding on the t5 Shoulders that dropped. I didn't win the rogue GL was bidding, and then was outbid himself by one of our fellow paladins who spent 380dkp on them.

I've got over 700 DKP now, so i guess i thought it wouldn't make a huge difference to how much i had left!!

Oh i forgot to mention that a couple of SSC runs ago a nice belt patten dropped from the trash. It just required 2x Nether Vortex, 5x Hardened Adamantite Bars, and 10x Primal Fire.

Red Belt of Battle
Waist Plate
904 Armor
+41 Strength
+21 Stamina
Blue Socket
Yellow Socket
Socket Bonus: +3 Critical Strike Rating

Equip: Improves Hit Rating by 14.
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 24.

I've started gathering the mats for this - and the guy who has the plans already has 1 nether vortex. Just need 1 more!

When i get this it makes my Hit rating experiment that much more easier. Obviously I'll then only need the T5 Leggings, and not the Talisman from Leotheras. But I'm not taking any chances with regards to the talisman. It would be the last blue item i need to replace with an epic! Thus far though its not dropped. As for the T5 legs - as we've only downed Karathress once and both items were tank related and were passed onto the tanks at 100dkp each it means i have to be lucky and be able to out bid someone for them. I've gotten enough dkp so far for them so we'll see!! knowing my luck in the one run we do to Leo and Karathress all 3 items i want from them will drop.....(3rd item being Worldbreaker)