Monday, 17 December 2007

Oh i forgot... mention...

Heroic Arcatraz Story...

So Sunday the Heroic daily was heroic arca... and one of the guys in g/chat was like:

"LF2M DPS 4 Heroic Arca"

So i quickly replied and was invited into the group....

I grabbed the daily quest and the Tenacity Quest from the dude in the centre of Shattrath. As I'm eager to get that "Champion of the Naaru" title!

Anyway off we went.

Started clearing trash, all seemed ok. Then we started the wipe-fest on the first boss.
6 Wipes in total before we decided to skip the sonofa. We tried everything to get past him. I even donned my healing gear and tried to help healing the party while the main paladin-healer healed the tank, but that didn't help.

So anyway onto the next bosses a few wipes on the way - it was the void thingys that got us twice.. Neither of us could understand what the problem was. Anyway the 2 demon bosses went down nice and easy first time which filled us with hope again. This was short lived.

The demon hunter dudes were a real pain for some reason. Not the big elemental ones as we had feared, the other ones!!

So we get to the last boss - timer is 3.5 hours inside the instance so far!! /facepalm

The hunter in the group decides after the first try that he has to go out to the shops before they close so we replace him with a warlock from the guild and the boss goes down no problems.

4 hours.

FOUR! Inside Arca of all places!

I'm NEVER going back there again! EVER!!!!

Oh on a side note, the guild managed to take Fathom Lord Karathress last night and had a couple of tries on Lady Vashj as well!

Grats all!!