Thursday, 27 December 2007

Netherwing Quests - First Impressions.

Hey everyone!

Hope all are well and have had a wonderful Christmas!

I'm back at work today sadly, but off from tomorrow till the 2nd of January. So its going to be ...


I want my nether drake!!

So lets have a look at the daily quests then...

Gather Nethercite - Collect 40 nethercite ores and hand them in - once per day.

I've just been collecting nethercite whenever I find any full stop! So then i can do it the first thing in the morning and not worry about arguing with other people who are farming the ore.

Gather Nether crystals - Collect 40 Crystals and hand them in - once per day.

This quest is a little more about luck than just gathering things. They're random drops from mobs on the island as far as I've found so far.

Poison the Peons - Poison 12 Peons and kill them!

This quest is rather time consuming for a paladin as you have to go around Shadowmoon valley killing "beasts" all over the place to get there "Fel Glands"

The first time i did this quest i asked in general chat for some advice and a mage was in the area doing it also and did some nice aoe grinding for the glands while i healed him!

Netherwing Eggs - These things are really rare!! Although saying that i found 3 last night in the space of 30 mins (1 collected, 2 dropped from mobs)

It seems blizzard have a sense of humour too - as they put 1 on the peir where those 2 giant elite guys are guarding the netherwing crystal trasporters!

Kill some Netherwing Transporter Dudes - I forget how many you have to kill as it appears I'm not able to do this quest! I don't have any sort of ranged attack that can reach these buggers. If anyone has any advise on how i can pull these sods i would be eternally grateful.

I'm almost friendly having only really done 2 days of quests and even then i didn't do all of them so hopefully tomorrow I'm going to spend a lot of time grinding for crystals and fel glands and eggs!! Bur first i need to get some more bag space!! Or at least manage to empty a bag in the bank so i have somewhere for gems/cloth/trash as my bag space is very limited. I do have a 28 slot mining bag that is very useful indeed. But it cant be used to hold anything other than Ore/bars and motes/primals of fire/earth.

I'm going to try to make exalted before the 1st of Jan! That's my mission! Or at least get as close as i can!

Its going to be hard work, I only wish you could hand in ore more than once per day!! Never mind!

One of the great things about having a fast flying mount is i feel like i should be out there grinding ore!! Like last night - after an hour of grinding rep for netherwing i didn't have much time left before i had to log so i did a couple of laps of nagrand!

I love afk horde's flagged for pvp! Bwahahaaaa!!!

I managed to snag a lot of adamantite ore and even did a little Mote of Fire grinding in the elemental ledge as it was empty!! should have cleared the whole place really but wanted more ore!!

20 Adamantite Bars sell quite nicely!! So I'll be throwing as much time/effort as is needed to get my friend back his 1200g! I'm hoping it wont take me too long! then i can start saving up for Gwindle's epic flight form! I logged her this morning and had to fly somewhere quick.....*yawn* 60% flight speed sucks!!

Then i can start speed-herbing!! LOL!! Farming herbs with a druid is simple! We don't even have to jump out of form to pick the herbs!!!

I just wanna get home and farm!!!

Anyway I'm going to kara tonight - not sure what toon I'll take in...gwindle or fire... I don't really need anything from the badge vendors for firelight so i think I'll take Gwindle as she can upgrade quite a lot of her boomer gear now with gear from the badge vendor!!