Friday, 14 December 2007

Double Update!

Hey guys'n'gals!

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday the nasty network admins have managed to limit my blog fun to just being able to read and not write.

I'm looking into moving the site, but might not bother...

Anyway lets do a quick overview of the last couple of days raiding!!

Wednesday Night!

We hit SSC Running hard!

Hydross went down in our fastest ever time, 1st shot too!

Lurker is also a pussy cat! Down he went!

Then we portaled back to Shatt and flew to gruuls and too him and the high king down as well!

4 bosses in 3 hours! Brilliant!

Last night we one shotted Leotheras, but the stingy git didn't drop my talisman! Doh!

We had planned on going to see Karathress, but our Shaman was stuck at work. We need more shamans in the guild!

So we had 3 tries on morogrim and something wasnt working for us for some reason!
We like taking him from the other side of the room as you enter from the main chamber so someone will always pull him by mistake when we're walking past him to the other corridor.
Last night 3 people pulled him and got 1 shotted! It was rather funny!!

Anyway that'll have to do for now! I have to go get ready for work!