Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Arena 3v3 and Hitman!

Hey peeps! Late post today due to not much going on last night.

3v3 News:

A warrior in our guild asked me a couple of days ago if I'd be interested in forming a 3v3 team with himself, one of the guilds best holy paladins, a really good mage, and myself to see if we can do anything good together...

Well we signed the charter last night and had a couple of skirmish matches, but the warrior was prot, which meant he was really hard to kill, but we seemed to do OK! We won a couple of matches. I think with a bit of time we could do well. The basic team make-up was:

Cooprotta - Holy Paladin. - Will play in all matches.
Kyar - Arcane/Frost Mage. - Will play in all matches.

and then:

Me: Retribution Paladin
Xario - DPS warrior.

The two of us will swap out to get the matches played .
(the warrior and mage will respec for matches when we do them at the weekends)

The only other 3v3 I've tried was with a holy priest and a warlock. And we did OK, but this should be an interesting combination - even if we stay around the 1500 rating area it'll be nice to get arena points on a more regular basis.

After we did that I had some dinner then my girlfriend and I went to see Hitman at the cinema.

Not the greatest movie I've ever seen, but I'm a fan of the game so was keen to see it. The plot was fairly week, seemed to follow the last game a little bit in that 47 had been set up by the agency and spent the movie trying to figure out why he had been set up.

Fighting choreography was pretty good, the sword fighting scene was really well done and very intense! Was interesting to see in the credits Vin Diesel was listed as the executive producer!

I recommend you go see the film if you're a fan of the games, there are lots of bits where you're made to feel like you're in the game walking behind 47 down a corridor, and there's even a cameo of the game itself that made me chuckle!

Anyways we're trying to organise a trip to gruul/magtheridon tonight - but sign ups are sparse at the moment. Seems a shame really, cos not very many people are interested in going any more. We'll see what happens anyway.

On a side note, my banker has made almost 1000g from the AH!! She's doing me proud! So only 4000g to go! *rolls eyes*