Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Christmas Comes Early!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

ZOMG I'm so stuffed!! Too much food, and I've managed to snag my mums laptop to do some blogging and maybe get onto WoW later.

Anyway Christmas Eve i was online helping a friend take his alt through Scarlet Monastary.

Someone on the guild was asking for some advise on where to farm some signets/arcane tomes and i told them about the spot I'd found in Shadowmoon Valley. I also commented on how farming there had gotten me very close to getting my epic flyer/training.

Suddenly I got a whisper from one of the guild paladins. He asked how much gold i needed to get my flyer/training.

I told him that i only needed 1200g.

It really does amaze me how generous some people are!

He promptly loaned me the 1200g i needed and followed me to Shadowmoon Valley and i picked out my Swift Purple Griffon!

Wow!! That huge increase in speed is amazing! My friend showed me where to go to pickup the start of the Netherwing quests!!

I flew up to the Netherwing Ledge as fast as i could and got the biggest fright ever when suddenly i was transformed into an orc, and my mount into a netherdrake.

I didn't have much time, so i did a few of the quests before signing off for Christmas!

I took a few screenies but I'm not at home so I'll post them up tomorrow when I'm back!

Anyways enjoy the rest of your day!!

Oh and to Galo - That sword i got was this:

Crystalforged Sword