Monday, 24 December 2007

So close I can almost taste it....

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

So in just 24 short hours we'll all be festively enjoying christmassy food, opening presents and generally having a good time!!

So with Christmas upon us, the raiding schedule is empty so I spent most of the weekend in Shadowmoon Valley!

I've found an awesome place to farm gold, Sunfury Signets, Netherweave cloth, Arcane Tomes, Random Greens, and even a really nice blue item!

So the reason I was living in SMV all weekend was I wanna get my epic flying mount as you know!

On friday night I had 2300g on my banker. I think I did 10/12 hours hard grinding all weekend. When I logged on earlier this morning to check what bits had sold my banker was at just under 4000g!!!

Wowee!!!! Nearly 2000g in 2 days!

It wasn't hard either, just mind numbingly dull, but I put some music on and just ground away!
The place I was farming was where all the Sun Fury Blood Elves are Near the Black Temple. I'd go up the ramp, turn left at the top, then left again at the steps and all the way along the lower balcony to the end. Then I'd fly back to the bottom of the ramp and start again. 1 cycle would take me about 10/15 minutes so the respawn rate is really fast.

One of my guildies helped out as well! He had just completed the Shartul Transporter fight in Orgri'la and got a really nice Paladin Tanking Sword that I'd never seen before (spell damage and shield block value as well)

He linked it guild chat and I whispered him saying that it would be worth a fortune on the AH. He said did I want it!!! I was like OMG! It would help loads in my saving up for my mount, but I said no cos it would have been worth quite a lot!

He insisted and said he didn't need the money as he had 6500g anyway! (Damn!!!)

So he posted it to me! Then I popped it on the AH, and it sold for nearly 250g!

He's not been online since he gave it to me when I've been on but I will be thanking him a lot!! and will pay him back after I get my mount!

So from a money making point of view i had a very successful couple of days!!

My girlfriend has been playing a little as well over the past year, and recently has managed to get her mage from level 18 to level 24! Over the weekend I got a guildie to take her through Deadmines, Stockade, and Shadowfang Keep. While she didn't get much in the way of XP from these instances I did manage to get a lot of quests completed for her and got her up to 26!

I have tried leveling mages before, but never managed to get past level 15, so its nice to see how over powered mages are at lower levels. It was fun actually! I quite enjoyed having so many different spells to play with on one character.

So with my Flying mount well within my grasp I'm getting excited! Then I can start clawing back the money getting exalted with netherwing and get Gwindle her epic flight form!!