Friday, 7 December 2007


Having just read a post over at Gitr Knows WoW i thought I'd do my own version of his post!!

So lets start with;


Firelight is my main, my first Character i created on Steamwheedle Cartel.
He's a raiding retribution Paladin in the guild and he's awesome!

But you knew that already right?

Current Stats:
Strength: 704
Attack Power: 1724
Critical Strike: 30.89%
Hit Rating: 10.42% (including 3% from talents)


Gwindle was my 3rd toon to be created on SWC and my 2nd toon to get to 70. I leveled her 1-45 Feral, then switched to Balance cos i think boomers are awesome! She joined a raid guild before Firelight joined rage, who were just starting Kara, so she has lots of lovely karazhan epics for all 3 of her tree's: Balance, Resto and Feral.

Currently she seems to be jumping around from one spec to another to help out where needed either as a tank or healer.
I moved her out of the kara-raid guild and into a few weeks after Firelight joined

She doesn't raid much any more - except for helping alts in Kara. Maybe one day she'll get into Gruul's but i dint see it happening...

No stats at the mo as the armory still thinks she's resto when i respec'd her last night.


This is my 41 warlock - He was my first ever WoW character. He was born on a PvP server and when he got to level 29 My friend invited my to join him on Steamwheedle Cartel instead. Hence Firelight was born. Earlier this year i transferred Starslayer over to SWC at level 29 and played with him very little. About a month ago i got him from level 31 to 41 in a few days (pre 2.3!!) and got him is free mount!

He's demo spec at the moment and its quite fun actually, but I don't have a lot of time at the moment.... maybe I'll concentrate on him during the xmas break.

Current Stats:

Spell Damage: 76
Shadow Spell Damage: 94
Fire Spell Damage: 114
Spell Crit: 5.23%


My level 27 Gnome combat sword Rogue, and my 1st alt built after Firelight, and before Gwindle!
I built this little guy when i was in Righteous Fury many many moons ago. (RF was my first guild on the server, and housed Fire, Poo, Starslayer, and Gwindle before i started raiding)

I'd seen a fellow guildies level 60 gnome rogue and thought she was cute and really powerful too!

So off to the start screen and created Poobah! (No I'd never done the quest in STV to release Princess Poobah, so didn't realise there was already an NPC with the name! DOH!)

After about 20 levels of "Not enough energy" or "I cant do that yet" i got quite annoyed with his pesky little voice and shelved him! Occasionally pulling him out to help out with an instance or to be run through an instance by a higher level guildie.

Of all my toons Poo is the one I'll probably end up deleting in favour of another new toon unless i can get over his annoying voice!!! Perhaps I'll just keep the name...even though it does seem very gnomish...


Edam is my Girlfriends mage! She's plays on her sometimes when I'm at work and has recently gotten her to level 21! She did 2 whole levels in a day! Which is quite an achievement for my girlfriend! lol!


Tigbits (don't laugh!!) is my level 1 night elf banker that lives in Ironforge!
She wears a black dress and a brewfest hat which she loves!
She's the money maker in my crew!


My level 13 Blood Elf Mage who lives in a friends guild . Zygomatic who is in the guild was in WPL once a long long time ago and and i helped her out once on Firelight when she was being ganked by some undeads!!

Since then we've always chatted when she's logged onto alliance side to check the AH, and i to her when I've been playing on my one and only Horde toon!


My level 21 Draenai Priest! She's holy at the mo and is being main healer for DM runs. Her Racials are amazing but i don't play on her very much!


My level 13 Dreanai Shaman. He doenst do much - its the 3rd time i've tried to level a shaman (first was tauren, 2nd Draenai - both deleted)
He's got high JC for his level. I guess some day i might level him, but we'll see.... The call of Windfury totem calls me in my sleep...but without firelight there it seems kinda pointless!!

So that's my 9 Toons on Steamwheedle Cartel. I've left a space for a Death Knight, and when i get to 80 and create my DK I'll transfer Firelights name to his...i want Firelight to be a Deathknight...its been a dream of mine to follow in the footsteps of Arthas for a long least this way i can do it. What will i call Firelight? i don't know...time will tell!! Maybe Poobah!!