Friday, 7 December 2007


Hey people!

Last night i resigned myself to an evening of farming as much as i could to try and get these bracers made and get them on the AH before the weekend.

So I logged Gwindle, ported to Stormwind and respec'ed Feral.

I then went to Skettis, picked up my daily quests for up there, and then started killing those tree giants. I managed to down 3 no problem before 2 warlocks appeared (1 horde, 1 alliance) and were obviously looking for the same thing.

While these tree's drop herbs and motes of life when you "skin" them they take about 5 minutes to kill one. I decided this too much work for what little they dropped so i asked on Guildchat where was a good place to farm motes of life.

Stupidly I'd completely forgotten about the Dead Mire in Zangarmarsh! The Bog Giants there die in about 3 seconds in cat form, or in about 1 minute i can down 3 at once in bear form with swipe.

Then occasionally I'd get a free one to skin if someone was killing them for a quest. I did this for about an hour, many herbs dropped, loads of vendor trash and just over 107 motes of life.

That's 10 Primal Lifes out of 20. I posted all the mats to my banker, and then put all the herbs/green items on the AH and bought 3 motes of life so then i only needed 9 more Primal Life.

I logged over to Firelight grabbed my 28 slot mining bag and looked at my map...

Where's going to be the best place to farm...

Gatherer seemed to say that Nagrand was the best place so off i went i farmed enough ore to make 4 hardened Adamantite.

I got lucky and found 3 or 4 Khorium veins too! They sell for a lot on the AH!!

One of my friends on the server asked if i could help out with the ring of blood quest so i said i would. So i flew up there, and the group gathered. They had a ful group, but i offered to stand outside and help where i could.

Then i got a whisper from the Raid Leader that someone had dc'd and they needed me in SSC to help out with leotheras.

I made my apologies and flew over the mountain into Zangarmarsh.

We had 2 tries on Leo, but were missing our lead Main Tank, and there were some new guys in the raid group too, so even though the tries were really good we just lacked something to get him down. quite annoying really.

So raid was over, I picked up 17dkp for my effort which was nice!

I then popped to Ironforge to purchase the last few bits i needed to craft those bracers as i couldn't be bothered to farm the last few bits. Managed to gather the rest of the mats for just 180g. I had a Primal Nether in the bank already which was nice.

I popped the bracers on the ah for 850g start bid, and 900g Buy Out.

It hadn't sold over night, but its going to be on the AH over the weekend so maybe I'll get lucky - I'll advertise them in the trade channel where i can.

Fingers Crossed!!!

If this doesnt work for me then I'm just going to have to stick with farming ore and herbs and see how long it takes me to get to 5000g. My banker is sitting at 700-800g after i spent a bit on those bracers, so i'm really hoping these bracers sell. They don't seem to go up on the AH very often, which makes me worry that they're not very good. I wonder if i should have crafted something else instead with all those mats!! >.< class="blsp-spelling-corrected" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">I'm not going to start double guess myself yet!! If I have to sell them for 500g or something then fine! its 320g for a primal nether and some mats i farmed....

I wish i had some more plans for stuff that was actually desirable!!

I'm desperate to get that mount! So I'm going get my nose to the grind stone and farm and stop complaining how i don't have any money!!

Farming = Money!

Farming = Time!

Farming = Boring!

Farming = Slow at 60% flying mount speed.

For Farming to consume less time i need my epic flyer.

Therefore I really do NEED my epic flyer!

Because once I've got it on Firelight i have to do the same for Gwindle!

For Starslayer I'm not going to be spending any money on his professions as he's skinner/herbalist so that's free to level! So therefore he should have enough money when he gets to 70 to just buy his epic flyer. Obviously he'll need to have 6000g cos he'd have to buy the 60% mount speed first. Ouch!

Lets see how much i can sell those bracers for first. if it ends up being 500-600g then I'll buy some more Primal Nethers and go farming properly this time and not be impatient.

I really hope those bracers sell!!!