Friday, 21 December 2007

Boomkin Anhiliates Gruul!!!

Oh am i a happy warcrafter this morning!!!

Last night the SSC was cancelled again due to cancellations, so we scraped together a group for Gruuls.

I was standing there logged in as Firelight summoning in people from the stone when i noticed quite a few people were on there alts!


"Hey do you mind if i bring Gwindle my druid?"

"What spec is she?"

"She's feral at the mo, but her best gear is Balance"

"Ok no problem - get her here!!"

So i logged out, logged on as Gwindle quickly ported to SW and respeced to Balance!

The Boomkin was back baby!!!

So off we went!

Cleared Trash to HKM.

We had to reset the 1st try as the mage tank lagged out and died so we went back in - res'd the dead and got him down this time!

Oh look!! T4 Shoulder Token for druids!!!

"Bids for T4 Shoulder token for druids"


No more Bids come in! Woohoo!!!

We go on, and take down gruul on the 2nd attempt also and then go to Ironforge for the Christmas party!

I'll post some pics of that later!! it was proper funny!!!