Wednesday, 5 December 2007

More Teir 4!

So last night we manages to scrape together enough people for a quick trip to Gruul's and Magtheridons.

Was a bit touch and go for a while as the raid had only been put up the night before on the forum and was lacking about 15 sign ups..but we took some new guys who had joined the guild recently.

While we were waiting i was on vent, and there was a new guy on there who had a draenai paladin who'd joined a couple of days ago. We were sat in Ironforge and we were just chatting about who he was, and how he'd been a member of Dragonslayers (one of the best raid guilds pre-tbc on our server) but had quit and now was back with this paladin. Suddenly he said on vent "dude you're a paladin!!" "I thought you were a warrior then i checked your gear and wondered why a warrior was wearing paladin gear with his warrior stuff!"

We laughed together, it was quite amusing!! Then he asked me what my holy crit was in my healing gear!! LOL!! I think he was surprised that there was a retribution paladin in a raid guild!!

Anyway off we went to Gruuls first, 2 shotted HKM, as the mage died early on. T4 Shoulder token finally dropped and i was only person bidding! so got em for 7dkp! Cheap!

Then we 2 shot gruul, first attempt gruul decided he'd had enough and killed 3 of our tank classes then me, then went on a rampage!! The last remaining Druid tank was somehow kept alive when gruul was at 20 enlarge's almost!! was amazing to watch how SSC/TK Healers are able to heal through so much damage from Gruul with relative ease!

Anyway 2nd attempt and he was down.

We moved to Magtheridon had a few attempts at him the gave up, we were missing 2 or 3 warlocks and had some disconnect problems including myself, which was really frustrating as i DC'd just as i was running over to click the cube i was assigned to...i was like:

Logged back in to a dead upsetting!

Anyway my new 3v3 team then formed up and did some rated matches it ended with us winning 6, and loosing 8. But our mage joined in late so the majority of matches were played with 2 pallies and a warrior which was ok, but we came up against some really good groups.
We ended on 1450 or so rating which wasn't bad as we'd lost more than we'd won - i think it will take time for the group to get into a rhythm together but i think we'll do well.

I'm going to gem up my new shoulders later and see what i can do with them. Obviously now I'm able to get the x4 set bonus from t4. I'll have to try this out on the next raid and compare how my damage changes to my current setup with all that warrior gear on me..