Thursday, 20 December 2007

I'm Still Impressed...

Morning peeps!

Oh its afternoon!

Afternoon peeps!

So our raid to SSC was cancelled last night :( So we ended up just scraping together a 50% alt run to Karazhan with a few veterans thrown in for good measure.

Both tanks were alts (warrior and paladin) and did amazingly well against all of the bosses.

We only suffered 3 wipes in total on a full complete clear of Karazhan Top to Bottom!

2 of those were at Nightbane, our last boss for the evening. 1 wipe at Prince Malchazaar.

I took Gwindle for all bar the last 2 bosses, and manages to upgrade a couple of my healing items, but lost rolls to other bits that she would have liked. But more importantly she got lots of Badges!

I took Firelight in for the Prince, and Nightbane hoping that Gorehowl might drop, but sadly it didn't.

Its the last 25 man tonight of the year then we're on a Christmas break.

I'm going try and farm my little butt off in the break! Gonna try and start the new year with a new Epic Flying Mount!!

I had to spend an awful lot on Flasks last night and i spent a bit on getting the primal fire's for Firelights new belt, but annoyingly we didn't end up going to SSC :( I do hope we go tonight - i really want that belt!!!

So my mount fund stands at about 2500g so 2700g to go!!