Monday, 10 December 2007

Zul'Aman Awesomeness!

Hey peeps! Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday night the Guild split into 2 groups and entered Zul'Aman!

I was in group 2 and had to wait a out MT was late, so we had to find an alternative tank and an alternative healer as one of the paladins was missing as well.

So we got the Guild Main Tank for 25 mans!! But he was spec'd for pvp, so was only able to be off tank. So that meant we had a Paladin Main Tank!! Awesome!!

We entered ZA almost 40 mins after group 1.

They had already failed the first challenge by 2 minutes and were on there way to the Eagle boss.

We entered, cleared trash and started the bear event in time, and got him down first time! This was my first try at this boss as previously I joined the raid group on the 2nd day. So that was a guild first!

We then had 15 mins to clear the gauntlet to the Eagle boss, and wiped right at the end as we'd pulled the last guy on the gauntlet too early, so we quickly ran back and started the gauntlet again, but missed out by a few seconds....damn!

But Eagle boss went down first time.

On to the Lynx boss. This was my first time seeing him as well. This was a pretty interesting fight, but we got him on the 2nd attempt.

Then we moved onto clearing to the dragonhawk boss. That in itself is crazy-go-nuts!!

Eventually we got to dragonhawk boss and started the wipe-fest!

In the mean time Group 1 were still stuck at the eagle boss - i think they'd tried it like 6 times when our MT swapped over to the other vent channel to offer some guidance.

We managed to figure out a good way of working the dragonhawk boss, but killing one of the hatchers, while the tank moved the boss to the other side where the living hatcher would start hatching eggs. We were trying to let no more than 7 out at a time.

Then the tank would move him to the other side to try and keep some symmetry to how many eggs were hatched at the end.

After the 6 or 7th reset of the encounter (We were resetting if we lost more than 2 people on an attempt) we got him down!!

Our raid leader Kuta went banana's and deafened most of the raid with his screaming!! We were all so relieved to have gotten him down! Another Guild First!

Saturday was my sisters birthday party, and i spent the day on Sunday with my girlfriend not really doing very much WoW related.

I did manage to sell my "Bracers of the Green Fortress" for 650g in the end. So my banker is up to 1700g now! so I'm getting close!!

I'm going to farm as much as possible to make another set and see if i can sell those too. I'm going to sell maybe 1 more set i think. Using badges to buy a Primal Nether is a little silly...though i have no other use for the badges at the moment... So i might as well! One at a time though - I'll not over farm or over saturate the market with them.

That means I'll only need to make another 5 or 6 sets of bracers to get enough money for my mount...not including selling any of the other stuff that i get while farming, so i could only need to craft 4 sets minimum maybe...We'll see!

The guild have cleared to Fathom Lord Karathress in SSC this week so we should go there tonight...fingers crossed we can get him down! Lets hope we have a shaman in the group to help out with the encounter.