Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Amazing Zul'Aman Ownage!!

Hey Peeps!! Christmas is drawing nearer, the days are getting colder and colder!

So last night 10 of the best were picked to raid Zul'Aman!

Surprisingly i was picked!! hehe!!

Originally I was really excited as our enhancement shaman was going too, but pulled out at the last minute. Bah!!

So we all gathered outside and arranges buffs, looting etc etc and got started!

First stop bear boss! BOOM SPLAT! One dead bear, and in time for the reward as well!

Second stop Eagle Boss! BOOM CRACK SPLAT! One dead eagle, and also in time for the reward!

We had a short bio as there was no way we were getting from the eagle to the lynx in time for the bonus.

Third Stop Lynx Boss! BOOM MEEEEOOOWWW SPLAT! One dead Kitty!!

Forth stop Firehawk Boss! BOOM BOOM SPLAT! One dead firehawk!

The firehawk encounter, once the bane of our raiding was taken down with ease! The AOE'ers were awesome!! Grats team! Healing was on top top form too!!

So we entered the final encounter of the evening - Hex-Lord Malacrass.

We had 4 tries on him before we ended for the evening. Our best effort was getting him down to 57% which was pretty good on only our 2nd proper try on him. Its a proper hard fight! I think I'll bring some shadow-res gear next time.

So a good night altogether really!

Didn't get any more gold grinding done, but i have loads on at the AH at the moment so had a few more bits sold which is always good! I think I'm going to try and concentrate on farming Stratholme - it seems to drop nicer stuff!