Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Fathom Lord Karathress

Good Morning everyone! Brrrrr its cold today! -1 Degree C today on the way to work.

So Serpentshrine Cavern last night! Hydross, Lurker, Leothras the Blind, and Morogrim Tidewalker were all down, so we ran to FLK's area, cleared the few Bog Lord dudes there and proceeded with our evening of practising/wiping.

Its a pretty difficult encounter to say the least.

FLK has 3 guards who stand with him in his room.

All 4 of the guys are fairly straightforward tank and spank but have a few annoying abilities that are there to put the raid to one of the hardest tests we've had to date.

Guard 1 - Shaman

This guy hits hard, and fast, and drops totems. One of which is called a Spitfire Totem.

Basically this totem is a real real pain. All of the DPS have to nuke this totem that has about 25k health asap because it "spits" fire balls at everyone in range of it.

So everyone has to create a macro that targets the totem so you can switch targets quicker to nuke it down.

Once he's down FLK will inherit the shaman's spitfire totem. This means the guy tanking FLK will have to move him every time he drops a totem. Which i can only imagine is a nightmare for the tank and even more of a pain for the healers healing him. Also the tank on FLK will have to steal more healers from the raid group to keep him up.

Guard 2 - Hunter

I'm not 100% sure what abilities this guy does, apart from the fact that he has a pet he summons who hits hard. Our paladin tank who was on the hunter was consecrating to aggro the pet so he didn't run amok.

FLK will inherit something from this guy when he dies as well.

Guard 3 - Healer

This woman has a heal that has to be constantly interrupted or she will heal the other 3. She also does an AOE Ice block that freezes anyone in melee range for a couple of seconds. She does frost bolts that hurt a lot too.

Fathom Lord Karathress.

This guy now has 3 of the abilities from the guards and on our best attempt we got him down to 14% before he enraged. So close!!

His main ability is he randomly targets a member of the raid and fires a really big shadow bolt that hits for 5-6k Ouch!

So our best try we had was getting Karathress to 14% before he enraged.

I think we had 6 or 7 tries on him. Then ended the raid.

I was hoping we'd go back tonight to finish him off, but its not happening.

His time will come....and i have a feeling it'll be soon....