Monday, 17 December 2007


Hey people!

Hope you all had a good weekend and managed to get all your Christmas shopping done ahead of Christmas next week!!

I imagine shopping is going to be hectic this coming weekend!! I just gotta get 1 or 2 last bits on Saturday. Nightmare!!!

Anyways 2 nights of Zul'Aman were all we managed over the weekend. Although a raid went to SSC last night, but i was not playing last night (I watched 300 instead!! Wow cool film!)

Friday Nights ZA was a pain. We missed the first timer by 2 minutes due to having to restart the encounter, but got him down.

Again the same happened with the eagle boss but we got him in the end.

We then tried the Lynx boss a few times before calling it a night.

On Saturday we were meant to do Kara, but ended up in ZA again.

We did better this time, and cleared Bear, Eagle, Firehawk and Lynx Bosses, and had 3 tries at the Hex-Lord.

Wow that's one of the hardest most annoying fights I've ever had to endure.

The Hex-Lord (ha!) has 4 adds that are very easy to CC or kill. We chose to kill the snake and the demon and left the ghost shackled and the ogre sheeped.

The Hex-Lord will randomly take on the best abilities of random members of the group and use them against you.

There were 4 paladins in the group so he was using consecrate a lot, and boy it ticks HARD.

We had a few tries and then gave up.

After the raid group disbanded i logged over to Gwindle and grouped with one of the paladins in the group and went into ZA to get a couple of quests done!! Got her the 20 slotter and completed the examine the platforms quest!

While i was in there (in my own raid group) one of the priests in the party was showing around some friends in a completely different raid group! I didn't know you could have 2 different raid groups in the same instance at once!! Wierd!

I've started farming Scholo and Strat with gwindle to get cloth, random blue items, and Large Brilliant shards. She has a much easier time in there than firelight does.

I managed to clear all of Scholomance! The Gandling fight was rather amusing as i was alone! He kept teleporting me into random rooms then running in! thankfully the mobs that spawn when he teleports you are non-elites and i was able to swipe them dead pretty quick, but i got him down! A nice epic tailoring plan dropped! Popped that on the AH - should sell for about 100g or so!

I'm pretty much half way to getting my epic flyer!! 2500g!! woohoo!! I'm going to continue doing scholo runs to get Large Brilliant Shards - they sell for 7-10g a peice and scholo gives me 10 or so, not to mention the cloth that drops, and the random BoE blues! This can be a hard work at times, but its worth it provided i manage to sell the items ok!

Plus Gandling in Scholo, and Forresten in Strat can sometimes have the winter veil hat!! me want!!

So not long before i get my mount! I'm double excited!!

Then i have to start all over again to get Gwindle her epic flying form! But that will be more fun!