Thursday, 28 February 2008

A Mini Guide To Ret DPS.

Hey peeps!

In one of my more recent comments I was asked by Immortal Avenger how I do I dps.

Well i guess its time to pass on what i've learnt to my young

Key Figures:

There are 3 key figures you have to attain to be considered good ret-dps.

Hit rating - Key figures being 95 (with precision from the prot tree) or 142 (without precision)

Once you have attained 95 then you can work on the 2nd key figure:

Crit Rating - Get your crit to at least 25-30% This will ensure that you keep vengeance up at all times.

Attack Power - Get this up as much as possible once you've attained the first 2 figures. Ideally you're looking to get as close to 2000 AP as possible (unbuffed)

Right now i'm sitting on:

98 Hit rating
32.64% Crit
1990 Attack Power (unbuffed - Not even with Blessing of Might)

When I'm raid buffed however I'm pushing the following:

40-45% crit
3000-4000 Attack Power.
(I've seen it go up to 5000 AP once with trinkets/librams all up!!)

Things to do to increase you stats:

If you're lacking in any of the above things, there are plenty of things you can do to help out temporarily.

Hit Rating: Spicy Hot Talbuk - This 30 minute buff gives you +20 Hit rating.

Attack Power: Roasted Clefthoof - This 30 minute buff gives you 20 Strength = 44 Attack Power.

Crit Rating: Warp Burger - This 30 minute buff gives you 20 Agility.

Potions and Flasks:
Attack Power: Elixir of Strength - This 1h potion gives 35 Strength gives 77 Attack Power.

Crit Chance: Elixir of Major Agility - This increases your crit chance by 3-5% i think (cant remember)

Flask of Relentless Assault: This 2 hour buff gives you 120 Attack Power.


Scroll of Strength V: +20 Strength
Scroll of Agility V: +20 Agility

What buttons to press:

Ok so you're ready to go...all buffed up....Ready for Action!

Cast Seal of the Crusader (provided you've got the +3% crit chance talent point spent...if not why not!!)

Now I have a small macro that judges whatever seal i have up and casts Seal of Command.

/cast Judgement
/cast Seal of Command

Its not perfect, and it doesnt always work (and i have no idea why) so I always double click it just in case. (Obviously due to global cool down it wont cast SoC twice so dont worry)

Now the mob should have Judgment of the Crusader on him and he's ready for you to start plugging away.

Run in let auto swing do its thing, hit the judgement/command macro BEFORE you swing again.
Then mash Crusader Strike.

So essentially its:

Auto Swing - Judge SoC, Cast SoC - Crusader Strike.

Hopefully you'll have had a Seal of Command hit the mob for some nice combined Burst Damage.

Just remember to only judge command directly after an auto-swing.

Get a swing timer - I suggest Quartz - its ace.

Thats basically it.

Obviously there are other seals you can use depending on the situation. I'm really hoping to see Seal of Blood come over to the Alliance side some day...