Tuesday, 5 February 2008

What Do you write when....

....there's not much to write about?

Our guilds progression is slow at the moment. We've hit a wall that is Lady Vashj.

It seems we lack the skill to down her.

Last night the guild had 10 tries on Vashj and couldn't get past the 3rd core without loosing someone kiting the stalkers or vashj getting too many buff's from the elementals.

I was out for a meal with my girlfiend last night so missed the fun, and i'm not scheduled to go on another raid till Thursday night now. Guess I'll level my warlock a bit, or do some ore farming.

I can make a bit of money by selling the belt that my friend can craft. But dont wanna spend too many dkp on the mats required (Nether Vortex) Maybe i'll try getting the mats together to create some of those tanking bracers i can make - god knows i dont need badges for anything else at the moment. (Primal Nether)

Last night I got Starslayer to 54, and tried to kill some mobs in outland. Managed to kill 3 or so on the boundry to Hellfire and Terrokar. Took a long time, but i managed it, but I think i need a couple more levels to try and grind my way to 58, but thats just too boring really...so I'm going to finish questing in Azeroth to 60, not 58 like everyone else. I'm gonna try and get some Runs into scholo and strat to get my Dungeon set completed as much as i can. I do wanna get all of it! Just for the looks really - its an amazing looking set. Plus when was the last time you saw anyone wearing the full Dungeon 1/2 set?

If i skip getting to Outland till I'm 60, the completly skip terrokar quests i'll hit 70 in SMV probably, and still have loads of quests to do to make money.

Crazy? Me? Nah!!! Its how i got gwindle to 70.

So the big news with Paladins is 2.4 we'll see some gear changes.

I'm not going to get really over excited about this news untill i can see the changes for myself.

I'm waiting for the PTR to be made live so i can log over and check it all out and compare the gear with how it is now.

One thing that Blizzard has always said is that they dont want us to become "Gods of PvP" Probably because the warlocks and rogues who currently own the title would QQ about it.


/log blizz forums

2.5 = Paladin Nerf.

We'll see...i hope that doesnt happen, but we'll see.

Fingers crossed fellow Ret-noobs!!