Monday, 18 February 2008

Weekend Ups and Downs!

Morning peeps - Hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend.

I've had a nasty cold the past 3 days, so suffering a bit. Not done a great deal on WoW, but let me give you the weekend Highlights....

Friday Night - Zul'Aman

The ZA team had cleared all bosses to The Hex-Lord the night before leaving just the Hex-Lord and Zul'jin himself to take care of.

Hex-Lord went down on the 4th try and Zul'Jin the same. Wow are those complicated fights.

Hex-Lord is a fairly straight-forward fight with some really nasty things to watch out for. He has 4 adds with him:

An Undead, an elemental, a snake, and an ogre. We tried various different things to help get these dudes sorted, from shackling, to sheeping, in the end we decided to tank/kill the snake and the ogre and sheep the snake while the undead was shackled.

This was very messy.

The lord himself will do 2 main things:

Shadow bolt things that effect everyone making casting any sort of spell virtually impossible, and then he'll steal one of the raids abilities.

This makes life VERY HARD!

You can never predict who he's going to pick on and if he pics on a paladin you're in trouble!

His Consecrate HURTS. A LOT.

Anyway we got him down and moved on.

Zul'jin is a complicated fight as he has 5 phases:

Phase 1 - Troll Form - Tank and spank, Melee have to watch out as he whirlwinds then throws a sword at a random member of the raid and if you've just been hit by the whirlwind - this = death. (speaking for personal experiance here!

Phase 2 - Bear Form - Tank and spank - healers watch out - Tank takes a lot of damage.

Phase 3 - Eagle Form - Oh my god i hate this bit! Basically if any one casts a spell, no matter what it is you will recieve 1.2k nature damage from a ball of lightning that fly around. Meanwhile there are whirlwinds flying around that chuck you about and hit you for 900 odd each time you touch one. So basically what this means is you HAVE to have some melee dps in the group or you're not going to get him down as mages/locks cant cast spells. I had to wait for my judgements to wear off him before i attacked as well, and i could only Auto attack, and Crusader Strike for damage.

Phase 4 - Lynx Form - as you reach 40% the raid must all surround Zul'jin. He will randomly target a raid member and do massive amounts of damage on him/her so they need healing.

Phase 5 - Firehawk Form - Tank and spank - make sure you have fire res up, and avoid the columns of fire that appear.

So we got him down, some Rogue and healing loot droped.

No sword! damn!

Saturday and Sunday i was just faffing about really - did some Steamvaults with Gwindle tanking again (yes she's feral again) But i got this cold then and i just seemed to wonder around aimlessly.

Sunday we did some Arena matches, and came up against some really awefull teams how is it at 1500 rating we're being put up against people in full Season 3 gear!?! How is that possible!

Bah! At least we managed to stay at around about 1550 rating.

Other than that I spent a couple of hours farming Sunfury bowmen for a rare engineering drop for a Khorium Scope. Which dropped a lot quicker than i was expecting!

I've crafted a few of these now and i'm currently 266 Engineering at the moment.

I Also crafted the Translocater thingies for Area 52, and Winterspring. I wish you could learn the other 2 as well.

Obviously i chose Goblin engineering. Going to try and get the plans for the adamantite arrow maker or something, and the Repair bot. Hopefully i'll get lucky and these wont take too long to drop.