Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My Thoughts on 2.4 Upcoming Changes.

Hey peeps! Hope all things are well with you all.

So at some point in the near future(Read "When we're ready") 2.4 will be released and we'll all have to download a 2-300mb patch, waiting eagerly as the Blizzard updater takes what seems like a year to finish and start installing itself. (Dont you just hate that?) I normally like to start the downloader early, usually during the day while i'm at work.

So what is coming then...

"Items meant for Retribution paladins will have their stats altered, and players should see an increase in dps"

This is so vague its almost a joke....

Firstly what items were meant for Retribution Paladins? Because as far as i can tell there isnt that much available in the first place.

And from what level will they adjust the gear? Tier 4 upwards? Does this mean i should take a note of all my ret-gear including my Hammer of the Naaru to see if there's a change?

Will this also include Season 1 and 2 Arena gear?

And what sort of changes are we talking about?

Delete the Spell Damage and replace it with STR/AGI? Thats what i'd like to see.

I wanna see More STR/AGI/CRIT in place so that i can get my mana pool up to 7k unbuffed as apposed to 7k raid buffed.

I'd also like to see the tier 5 set bonus's changed. Returns mana and party Healing?? WTF!?!?!

I dont think that'll happen though....

I'm really not going to hold my breath at all because if I expect too much I wont get it.

Lets just see what happens.

The changes to honor are nice - no more having to wait for honor to update over night.

The only thing i see this doing that is negative is possibly in WSG - Zerging!! KILL KILL KILL Everything, and dont stop ever!! Hang on...isnt that what happens now anyway??