Monday, 25 February 2008

We got Vashj Down to 7%......

....Well I say we....I mean they.

Seven Percent! If i'd been there maybe we'd have gotten her down!

And they're going again tonight with out me :(


Oh well. Means i can carry on leveling the warlock. He's up to 64 so not long to go now!

I'm just eager for 2.4 to come now. The ret-changes that i've seen on the PTR are nice. I've not put it into practise though, just because of the severe lag issues.

What was funny though was i logged onto the PTR and went to Ironforge only to find that a few Horde members had invaded IF and were seeing very little resistance.

Also there's a funny funny bug that is making all the pets become Super-sized!!

I re-spec'd Gwindle to resto yesterday for some reason, and a few of the guild newbies/alts entered Kara. It was painful. Feral druids can NOT tank in PvP gear.

Wish i'd not gone! We were continuing the groups kara run, so Shade, Illhoof, Chess and Prince were left. We managed to clear Shade on the 2nd attempt after someone moved in the flamewreath. and had 3/4 tries on prince, but the tank just wasnt man-enough.

I've done so little with regards to gearing up my paladin....

He's sat at 2250 odd AP (With Might) 32% crit and 115 Hit rating in his PvE gear.

I guess as i get upgrades in the shape of either t5/t6 or some s3 Arena gear these numbers will go up. But when will i hit the ceiling? I wish i had someone to look at as a guidline for a raiding ret thats cleared Hyjal and BT.

What do people think about Haste rating stuff? Or "ignores xxx armor" items.

At least our enhancement shaman is back and packing Windfury.