Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Wipe Night Looms...

Hey peeps!

Bit of a late update from me today. The guild went into SSC last night and had a few failed attempts on Vashj. I wasnt there, so i dont know the details really.

Tonight we enter again and hopefully we'll take her down this time. I think we're ready. We deserve it.

We just need to be lucky with the kiting of the striders...then i think we're set for an easy ride through phase 2, and into phase 3. Fingers crossed for us tonight people!!

Last night i didnt do much other than help a couple of friends who were questing in Zangarmarsh while I farmed Primal Waters. It would seem finding the gas clouds in Zangar are easy than finding them in Nagrand. I wish gatherer picked up the places they spawn.

I might try looking for a list of co-ords somewhere to see if i can find them easier.

Seems to be a good way of making money though - in 1 hour I'd farmed 5 Primal Waters, and 2 Primal Airs. I wish there were Fire clouds! >.<