Friday, 8 February 2008

Lady Vashj...

Morning peeps! I'm SOO looking forward to the weekend. Its been a long week.

Last night entered SSC and took down Morogrim Tidewalker nice and quick, then we had 6 or 7 tries on Vashj.

I got the Healing plate shoulders he drops that look like the paladin T5! Nice for my off spec gear I'll probably never use! Why do people take off spec gear? Bah who knows!

I'm going to be trying to get as many of the t5 look-a-likes as possible - just for fun of course!!

I've got the Hunter t5 look-a-like and the warrior look-a-like, and now the paladin look-a-like! (even though i actually do have the real thing, but ret obviously)

So onto the tries on Vashj.

We seem to have phase 1 down, nice and easy, and the elementals and passing the core around is now easy too, but damn those striders....

They keep picking off people. I'm just lucky that i dont have anything to do with those buggers...

The raid leader announced at the end of the raid that we need more DPS before we can take on those striders, so we'll be leaving her alone for another week.

Tonight we go to Tempest Keep: The Eye to clear the 3 bosses before Kael. I wonder if we'll try Kael himself.. I've seen the fight briefly on a video, and it looks difficult.

I'd love to get there and try it though!! One day!

Is Kael harder than Vashj? Opinions would be nice!

Oh i have quick question to any mages that might read this...

Why can you not train portal: Darnassus till you're level 50, when all the other cities in Azeroth let you train them at level 40?