Monday, 11 February 2008

Weekend Warlock Wonderment!

Morning peeps!! Hope all of you had a good weekend! I certainly did.

Friday Night:

The raid group all decended onto Netherstorm and awaited the last few people for TK: The Eye.

Sadly a few people were missing and the raid was cancelled. So bringing forward our plans for Saturday night i gathered all the paladins into a raid group (8 of us as a couple were offline) including a rogue and a mage (well we need a water/food vendor and someone who's going to die a lot!)

We entered kara and started the owning!!!

Attumen - Tries: 1
Moroes - Tries: 1
Maiden - Tries: 1 - 3 of us were killed on the pull, as she randomly dropped aggro.
Big Bad Wolf - Tries: 1
Curator - Tries: 1 (hardest part was pulling the elementals in his room, as we had one of the mobs bug as it spawned in a column and couldnt be killed)
Illhoof - Tries: 1
Shade of Aran - Tries: 1
Prince - Tries: 2

We skipped netherspite and wiped at 1% on Nightbane due to some bad luck on the tank getting 2 crushing blows at 2%

We only tried Nightbane once as it was late.

We were planning on going back for him later on in the weekend, but never bothered.

It was so much fun. Next time we're going to find another 2 paladins and try it properly.


I just spent a few hours getting my Warlock to 58 and picking up some imba gear from Outland. My girlfriend and I then went to see Cloverfield. (dont go see this film if you get sea-sick)


The mission was on! Get Starslayer to 60 and start my horsie quest. I had a guildie who still had the mats so i was able to save myself 250g.

I hit 60 with ease, picked up the first quest to go to Winterspring and kill some Boomkins. I also picked up a couple of other quests that required me to kill the same mobs, including that escort quest.

Getting the blood things was easily the hardest part of the quest, apart from all the running too and from Burning Steppes. I wish I'd collected all the items first before going there, thankfully I just ran to Redridge, logged my banker and posted him the items.

Then It was time to grab a couple of guildies and go to Scholomance to down Raj so that my imp in a bottle could get on with whatever he was doing to make me something. While we were in there I completed a couple of quests and we downed Jandice to see if she would drop the Dreadmist shoulders. WOOT!! She dropped them! Yay!! Thats 4/8 parts of the Dreadmist set!

So onto Dire Maul West for the final part of the Quest.

Having never done this before i wasnt sure what to expect, but with 3 70's with me it was a doddle really. I can imagine this being really hard at 70! i mean REALLY hard! those waves and waves of demons. I just spent my time enslaving the big ones and trying not to get killed!.

So we cleared down the dudes and i got my mount spell! Nice work! Awesome stuff.

I need to post up some new pics of my dudes as most of the pics are out of date now.