Thursday, 21 February 2008

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Character Names

Picked up on this from Blog Azeroth and from Zerei's blog!

So lets break it down for the masses then!!

Firelight - Having played the original games and being a big fan of Paladins, i rolled this guy not realising that the blurb on the start page was complete lies!! (well at the time anyway)

So anyway back to the name...i wanted something that symbolised both the Light and my deisre to be strong and kill things!! And So Firelight was born... Not terribly exciting, and i've taken a lot of flack from it in the past, but its derived from lore and i like it. As it turns out Firelight is quite a common name for mages for some reason...Oh and of all my toons Firelight has a first name: Dave!

Poobah - My second toon on Steamwheedle. This guy takes his name not from Princess Poobah on that island in STV, in fact i didnt even know she existed when i created him, he's names after a rank in The Flintstones cartoon! >.< I just thought it was cute, and gnomeish!

Gwindle - Gwindle's name was something that just popped into my head for some reason. It sounds elvish, it sounds mysticalish....and its girly enough to be different.

Starslayer - I really dont know what was going through my mind when I came up with this dudes name - he was my first toon i made in the game and didnt really know what to go with at all. I actually bumped into a level 70 warlock the other day called Steelslayer! I wonder if he created his toon before or after i created mine!

Ok so nothing overly exciting there!! But I like them and thats what matters!

I've written a lore story for Firelight for when Wrath of the Lich King comes out - I've reserved the name for my Death Knight: 'DarkenedFire' which is cool and fits in with Firelight move to the dark side of the forc....I mean light!