Friday, 15 February 2008

I think i had a momentary lapse in Sanity...

Hey peeps!

I've had a bit of a mad couple of days in WoW the last 2 days.

Let me explain...

Wednesday night.....the guild entered SSC for our usual "lets clear to Vashj" which we did in record time! We downed Morogrim with over 30 minutes left of raid time.

Leotheras dropped the trinket i was after, but i was out bid by 1 dkp by one of the hunters...i was pretty narked about that, but if she wanted to spend 818 dkp on a trinket then fine...

Karathress didnt drop the Mace...Maybe next week i'll get lucky! :)

Anyway after the raid I was talking to a couple of the guys about stuff and the topic of conversation moved onto Engineering.

So if you go look at my amory profile now you'll see I have the engineering epic goggles! >.<

I found an engineering power leveling guide on the web, bought up all the mats i needed to get me to 300 and set to work. (I dropped mining)

2 hours laters i dinged 300 engineering and moved to Outland.

This is where things got really expensive! So far getting to 300 had cost me a relatively painless 300-400g.

Getting to where i am now (359) has cost me somewhere in the region of 1000g!

But it was so worth it! The goggles are amazing! The 350 (60%) mount is fantastic i cant wait to get to 375 so i can craft the epic flyer.

The goggles have only given me a small increase in AP, but they've increased my crit by over 1% which is really nice! :)

Last night I picked up the quest for that doo-hicky that allows you to grab motes of whatever from the gas clouds in Outland. I'm going to start farming those very regularly as a good source of income I hope it will anyway as I'm now stoney broke.

I read some very interesting stuff about 2.4 this morning. Looks like Primal Nether will no longer be BoP, Nor will Nether Vortex'. Plus you'll be able to buy the vortex's from the badge vendor for 15 badges! Brilliant!