Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Kael'thas Sunstrider

Morning peeps!

Did I have an interesting night.

The guild entered TK: The Eye and formed up outside the hallway leading to Solarian and prepared to clear the trash to Kael'thas.

Wow I've never know such annoying trash mobs. I dread to think what it was like before they nerfed the amount of mobs leading to Kael in the 2.3 patch.

Those centurions are a nightmare. The melee team were wiped out in 1.5 seconds flat before anyone had a chance to turn around and run away. Damn that un-ending Whirlwind hits hard. In plate i was being hit for 4-5k per whirl.

Anyway we got through it in the end and moved onto Kael.

The raid leader, Ironclad, had decided to explain the tactics one phase at a time. So we'd do phase one, phase 2 would start and we'd do a forced wipe to then explain the next phase.

Phase 1 - Kael'thas' Inner Council.

The encounter starts with Kael giving a speech about how great he is and then he sends his advisors to come and kill us.

Advisor 1 - WARRIOR (i dont remember the names! >.<)

This guy walks around in his T5 warrior gear with a big axe and is kited around while ranged DPS take him down. He will "gaze" at a random raid member who then has to run away from the raid members until he decides to "gaze" at someone else. Melee DPS cant do anything here so we stood at the back of the room and /dance(d) and waited for....

Advisor 2 - PALADIN

This guy is pulled and tanked. He will randomly fear people around him and goes down rather fast.

Advisor 3 - MAGE

This chick is tanked by one of the warlocks and taken down by ranged DPS as anyone within 15 feet of her will draw aggro and generally get killed.

Advisor 4 - HUNTARD? Engineer

This guy is a bit random really - he just chucks sticks of dynamite at the person tanking him while DPS take him down. Anyone standing directly infront of him in melee range will get hit by the bombs.

Once that guy is down we start...

Phase 2

Kael then goes on about how he has lots of weapons in his arsenal and some floating weapons spawn and attack the raid.

The weapons are:

2h Axe - Warrior/Paladin/Shaman
Sheild - Tanks
Bow - Hunters
1h Mace - Healers
1h Sword -Rogues/Warriors
Dagger - Rogues
Staff - Mages/Warlocks/Druids/Priests (DPS Staff)

As each of these "die" they drop to the floor and can be picked up and used by the above classes.

Each of them are Legendary and have some insane stats. For instance the healing mace has +600 healing.

We were killing them in this order:

Bow, Mace, Staff.....oh the advisers have been res'd....ah....that'll be phase 3 then.

Somehow you have to have nuked down the weapons and been ready for the advisors to be res'd.

This is as far as we got in 7/8 tries last night and I loved every minute.

I cant wait to get in there again and kick his butt!

Oh and a little story before i go...

Just before the raid one of the guildies whispered me from his 70 shaman alt. His group needed another DPS for a run to COT:Durnholde. I said i'd come and got the invite...

Hmm... 67 Druid tank...guess I'll be 2h Tanking then...

70 Resto Shaman - Nice - Shaman healers rock.

70 Enhancement Shaman - Nice! Imp Windfury FTW

70 Enhancement Shaman - Oooh.....

Hold the phone....3 Shamans...? ZOMG!

Windfury Totem - Check
Strength of Earth Totem - Check
Agility Totem - Check
Spell Damage Totem - Check...

I never ran out of mana. I never died...i was sitting on 2.5-4k Attack Power and when Mongoose proc'd i was at 48-50% crit chance! Wooot!!

We cleared the place no problems! all done! nice and easy! I was 40% clear on the DPS meter sitting pretty right at the top!! (not surprising really as i out geared them a lot!)

Oh while i was dribbling over the Windfury totem my Girlfriend asked....

"Whats Windfury? Sounds like some sort of chronic fart problem..."