Monday, 4 February 2008

Weekend Update!

Morning Guys'n'Gals! Hope all of you had a good weekend!

As I had feared we were short some good dps for Vashj so she was cancelled. Instead a group of our top raiders went to Zul'Aman.

We cleared all bosses to Hex-Lord.

The team went on last night and got hex-lord down, and Zul'Jin too (sadly i wasnt there as i was watching the new series of Lost that started last night! OH BOY!!!!)

Any way didnt really do much, just some arena matches, our 3v3 team went up another 100 points to sitting at round 1550 or so! So we're really starting to work really well together!

I'm really beginning to enjoy the arena matches we do!

We even managed to down a team rated at 1800 or so! We really gave ourselves a serious pat on the back for that one as the team were members of the top PvP guild on our server.

I spent the rest of my WoW time leveling my Warlock, got him to 53 from 51 He's been doing quests all over the place! I really need to just spend some time in the same place rarther than flitting about doing quests here, there and everywhere.

Think I'm gonna concetrate on Western/Eastern Plaguelands. Its lots of fun, and very dangerous! But nothing my felguard can't handle. He's so OP its crazy! I was at the felstone field, and i noticed a quest giver in the building nearby. As i walked into the building i was jumped by 4 undead. I targeted each that were attacking me and told Flatoom to attack them one by one he drew there aggro off me and onto him. I then Dotted the one he was attacking, and then healed him up till the mob died then proceeded to do the same on each and every mob that he attacked.

It was amazing! Had that been any other toon at that level he'd have been dead! Splatted.

Awesome it was...I cant wait to get this dude into outland.