Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Vashj 10 - Rage 0

Hey peeps! Hows everyone today?

Last night we entered SSC and had 10 tries on Vashj.

The fight is fairly straight forward:

Phase 1 - Nuke her down. Tanks have to watch out for being stunned and rooted.

Phase 2 - at 70% she moves to the centre of the platform, and the 4 shield generators around her bubble her up. You then have 10-20 seconds to get ready for the fun.

Water elementals will spawn in the water all around her, making their way to vashj. If any of these mobs make it to her they increase Vashj's damage by 5%. So the ranged dps have to be positioned around the ring, nuking them down.

Naga will also spawn. These guys have to be tanked and nuked down by the melee dps.

Striders will also spawn. These guys have to be kited around the outer ring by a warlock or mage or both, using debuffs that slow them down. If they get within melee range of anyone they will fear them for a few seconds.

Every now and then a Tainted elemental will spawn. These have to be nuked down fast as they despawn pretty quick. Once they're nuked they drop a tainted core. As soon as you pick it up you cant move. You have to use the core to pass it to another player nearby - then then pass it to someone who's close to the sheild generators. Once applied to the generator one of Vashj's sheilds go down. This has to be done 4 times.

Phase 3 - After each of the sheilds are down she'll be at 50% and its just nuke her down. Except these spore bats spawn and start dropping poison all over the place. This is a real pain in the bottom! Melee dps have a real hard time.

Our best tries saw her at 25% and 24%. We're slowly getting over the extra work you have to do, and its just handling the cores that seem to be of some concern.

All in all it was a good evening i think. Maybe this week we'll be able to get her down!! Who knows....

I managed to get my Engineering to 370! So only 5 points to go!

Dropping Mining has been a mixed blessing really. I'm tempted drop herbalism on my warlock in favour of mining.... or maybe drop his alchemy...then he'd be a miner/herbalist.

Looks like the last 5 points are going to be spent making Flying machines! *rolls eyes*