Tuesday, 12 February 2008

2.4 Changes...

Morning peeps!

So everyone's talking about the BIG changes in the upcoming patch...some people are happy about it, and others are a bit dumb founded by it all....

So when 2.4 comes out we can all enter Mount Hyjal and Black Temple. No attunement required.

From a personal stand point I actually think this is a good thing. For a start we can all have the opportunity to enter places we might not get into for months due to Kael and Vashj being really quite hard compared to the rest of the bosses in their relative isntances. Well no, thats wrong. They're not that hard, but we've still not been able to down Vashj, but we're getting there slowly.

I was talking to our Guild Leader last night about it on Vent while I was playing on my lock, and he said the reason Blizzard have done this is probably because the next expansion is closer than most people probably realise.

So i'm expecting it around May time. By then I'm hoping that will have cleared Hyjal, and be well into Black Temple!

What this does probably mean that we'll have to drop SSC/TK alltogether in favour of Hyjal and BT. Which is progression i suppose. This means we can come back to Vashj and Kael and down them when we're over geared...not proper progression, but at least we can say we downed them!

This is what i see people doing. But the Vashj and Kael fights are a lot of work, overly complicated and annoying to boot. So most will just skip them, as we more or less did with Magtheridon. We only down'd him a few times as the t4 loot he dropped as pretty lame compared with SSC/TK epics.

I personally cant wait! I wish the PTR's were up!!! Grrr.

I dont think Blizzard want to make the same mistakes they made last time around with regards to Naxxramas. Only the top top top guilds ever saw that place before TBC came out.

Even to this day i've only had a nose in there once. Once WotLK comes out Naxx is supposed to be the first 25 man instance. Gief Tier3!!! I love that armour set!!