Thursday, 7 February 2008

Getting there!!

Slowly but surely my warlock I getting to Outland!

Last night i hit 56, and within 20 mins or so i was over 50% into it!

A couple of fellow locks (both 70) and i went into scholo again, 2 times in 2 nights now, to try and get me my dungeon armour bits.

The previous night I didnt get one item drop that i could use! Not one!!

Last night how-ever was different. I got upgraded boots, shoulders, and the Magisters Crown from the last boss. No Dreadweave sadly, but at least when I hit 57 i can get some nice upgrades!

I've got a raid tonight, So probably no Scholomance for me tonight, unless the raid finishes early...(doubtful)

Right now I've begun feeling that leveling bug again!! I wanna get to 70!! 50-60 is where things start getting exciting!!

I'm tempted to take a break from raiding again - i think i need it!

Raiding is like having a 2nd job.

You have to be in top form in what you're doing or you let down the team.

You have to be prepared properly or you're going to let down the team.

You cant be late, or decide half way through a raid you have to go, as this again lets down the team!

But as long as your raid leader is a good guy (Like ours) its fun! and thats why i love doing it so much! Especially when really silly things happen!