Monday, 3 March 2008

Weekend Update...

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend.

Not a great deal to report really on the raiding side of things... I've learnt some more about the executioner enchant so i'm really eager to get that World Breaker and give it a try. Tonight we're going to clear SSC so who knows...I might get lucky.

I was playing on my warlock most of the weekend, he's now level 66 packing over 500 spell damage already.

I took some time to level his Alchemy too - this was quite easy and relatively cheap.

He's now sitting on 363 alchemy i think and can make super mana and healing potions, and strenght and draenic wisdom pots too. Should save me a packet!

Just need to level his herbalism next.

I've now got toons with the following profession maxed (or close to it):

Firelight: 375 Armorsmith and 370 Engineer.

Gwindle: 375 Herbalism and 375 Enchanter.

Starslayer: 363 Alchemy and 147 herbalism.

My level 29 Rogue is Skinner/Leatherworker and my 21 Priest is Herb/Alchemy. But both of those are low level. Although my priest is 225 Alchemy - Maxed for her level. I might drop it favour of tailoring....nah..thats a bad idea.

I'll make her a transmute expert or something....Starslayer is going to be a flask expert. He's gonna make me some nice flasks....oooh yeah!

I wonder if there's an alchemy quest..

I took Firelight into kara on friday night for a full clear - with a rag-tag group with no casters at all (apart from healers obviously) apart from an elemental shaman who was so lucky as it was her first time there - she got pretty much *all* the caster loot! I think she walked out with 6 or 7 epics!! Anyway I just went along for the badges, and swapped out to Gwindle for the Nightbane fight incase the spell damage chest dropped. I wish I'd swapped her out for Prince as well as the dagger dropped...bah....typical.

Reading the latest Blizzcast dialogue (as i cant listen to it at work) i see you'll be able to buy season 1/2 arena gear with tier 4 and 5 (and 6) tokens! I wonder if this will cause problem with dkp bidding...As i'm DPS Spec i can bid for tokens when i want to try to get better items for raids...The pvp items are very good for raid damage for me, the only draw back being some of the items have a lack of Hit Rating. I definatly think that I'll be getting the season 2 shoulders this way, as it means i wont have to waste arena points on them.

Speaking of which - I should get my Season 3 chest this week!! Bring on Wednesday morning.

Next on my To buy list is the season 3 legs.

Currently I have:

Season 1 Shoulders
Season 3 Helm
Season 3 Gloves
Vindicator bracers.

I need to farm some more Battle Grounds really. I need to buy the level 70 trinket. My level 60 one is ok, but having to wait 5 mins instead of 2 mins for the Cool down to be over is a bit of a pain! I think i just need 6 or 7k honor to get that. So i AM going to be doing the BG's till i get it...yes..i am...100%....i wont get bored of it after 5 minutes and give look a donut...