Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Naxxramas 10 man: First Impressions

Hey guys!

So the guild continued in Naxx last night and we had a fun time in there - it was interesting to see some new content at last in the form of a raid as apposed to heroics/5-mans.

The previous nights group had cleared the Spider wing, and a boss in the Plague wing. Leaving us with the Death Knight wing, the last 2 bosses in the Plague Wing and the abomination Wing.

We cleared the Plague wing and all of the DK wing as well.

Some of the bosses were cake, some required a bit more attention or focus. The unwashed fella for instance - that whole run around avoiding the poison things on the floor was kinda irritating.

Anyway we did well - and it'll be nice to see how big a difference it is to do the 25 man version of the instance soon.

I got a new belt and the tier 7 shoulders - so I'm happy.

Thats 2/5 tier 7 for me! and only 10 badges away from the gloves. I'm struggling to find a decent libram. There is one from badge vendors which gives 173 haste, but it procs off judgement of command - which is kinda useless....means I'd have to do some seal twisting....more mana waste.

So I'm going to go for the one from the Grizzly Hills pvp. (cant remember the name off hand)