Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Ding 79! The Home Stretch!

Well here we are! Level 79! The final stretch...and what a ride its been!

Cool things that happened between 78-79:

1 - Hit 3000 quests and got my new title: Firelight the Seeker.

2 - Got my Reins of the White Polar Bear from the daily quests in Storm Peaks.

I've got the day off from WoW today other than just quickly hitting 79 this morning. So level 80 tomorrow for me - or maybe tonight if i can wangle it!! No hurry!

We've had a lot of realm firsts in the last couple days including realm first level 80 Death Knight.

THAT is nuts...and people think I'm leveling fast!

Anyway here are some cool pics! Enjoy!