Monday, 10 November 2008

3 Days to go...

So we're rapidly approaching the day when all havoc is going to break out and 11 million people will jump onto a small boat and make their way to snowy hills of Northrend.....

....and the days are just dragging along!!

Like quite a few people I imagine, I've taken some time off work to play the game properly without stupid 9 hour gaps that are my job! Crazy? yep!

So I've got 10 days - from the 13th till 23rd to play as much as I want and work my little paladin butt off extra hard to get to 80! Do-able? I don't know - it took me 12 days to get do 60-70 when TBC came out - (not played time) from release date to 70. This time around will it take longer? I doubt it. I've seen the amount of XP they're giving from quests on Wowhead and its starting at like 18-20k per quest up to about 25k. I wonder how much gold I'm going to make from this as well - last time around I was able to make close to 5k gold from vendoring quest rewards and general cash, and from selling all the cloth I got and blues/greens etc.

I'm going to pass all green drops to my druid to DE and pass the mats to my banker to sell.

So that's the plan, but since Raiding has stopped I've just been trying to do as much of my achievements as possible. The one that's really doing my head in at the moment is the Loremaster: Kalimdor one.

I started at patch 3.0.2 with 280/730 quests completed and I'm currently sat on 638/730.

I have a few scrappy quests in my log for instances but nothing more than maybe 10/20 quests tops.

I've gone to all the flight paths in Kalimdor looking for quests, but I must have missed something somewhere? some outpost somewhere i overlooked? The only place I've not really looked at is Azshara, but I hate that place! Maybe they're in there. Gonna keep on plugging away from now until Wednesday night - when I'm going to fill my log with 25 completed Daily quests. (I'm sure I'll get XP instead of cash for those right? Either way the money will be nice!)

I've also started fishing on Firelight. I was sat at about 110 fishing for the best part of 2 years and dusted off my rod and started again - for the achievements obviously. I'm almost 225 now which is pretty cool but its hard work its not hard..its boring! BORING!!! Not sure I'll ever be grand super master fisherman - it just takes too long!

One thing I'm going to have to do is clear out my bank. I've got a lot TBC Crap stored away in there still - gear I'm keeping for prosperity (tier4/5) and some nice weapons etc. But its all useless really. My bags for example - i have 2 bags of raiding mats (reagents, pots, flasks etc) 2 bags of armour and 1 bag free. (4x 20 slot and backpack) What should I do with all this stuff?
I'll be replacing any stuff that i can with stuff from Northrend, But i wont be replacing any of my personal gear till we hit Naxx at 80 aside from maybe some trinkets. Maybe I'll ditch the t4/t5 gear - and all that tanking gear as well, that'll clear up 2 bags in the bank - and i seem to have a bag full of tabards too. I've chucked out all the ones I don't need that i can buy again if i really wanted too, but I wont, I have a lot of special tabards that I cant throw out. But at least I was able to get 25 saved up so I got the tabard reward from the achievement.

I didn't get round to doing any PvP at the weekend, but managed a few heroics in between questing in Kalimdor, and I probably wont do any now until I'm 80.

With regards to Professions? I wont be leveling anyone who is a Miner so that should be interesting as I'm a blacksmith/engineer and the prices for mats are going to be so over the proper market value to start off with - so its going to be save up as much cash as possible and try not to blow it all on a Grand Mammoth!

(no its not!! MUST HAVE MORE!!!)

I want more bank space! All my bank slots are populated by 18 slot bags at least.

What are you people doing to prep for the Expansion?