Monday, 24 November 2008

Let the Purples Roll In...

Hey guys! Its back to normal life today, back to work and boredom again. *sigh*

But what a busy busy few days its been since my last update.

The heroic onslaught continues and I finally got my Tier 7 chest and I'm over half way to getting my gloves.

Looking at the badge vendor I need about 140 badges to get the items I want from the limited choice that there is.

I also hit exalted with The Knights of the Ebon Blade on Friday last week as well so have those awesome boots from them available at exalted.

I'm grinding rep where I can with dailys and doing Heroics where possible. But I wasn't online much over the weekend due to having to do some Christmas shopping and my PC breaking down (possible melt down due to too much wow the last week and a half!!)

The graphics were all screwy and all the tests I was able to do, given that windows wouldn't boot, pointed to a defective Motherboard.

So yesterday I popped down to my local Novatech and purchased the following:

Creative Labs X-Fi Soundcard (Mine died a few months ago and have been using the on board sound)

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H

Processor - Got an AMD X2 Dual Core AM2 Athlon 64 6000 3.0GHz 2x512KB

PSU - My old one was a little long in the tooth so thought I might as well as I was here upgrade this to a newer one as well.

Anyway so I got home - installed all the bits and guess what....the graphics glitch was still there...and to cap it all off the graphics card is in warranty! so £300 wasted? I think not! Nice upgrade from my old system so I'm happy either way. Just gotta go get the card replaced as the on board ATI Radeon 3500 on the new motherboard is nice, but having to play wow on all the lowest settings SUCKS!

Anyway tonight we go to Naxx for our first official raid if only 10-man. Provided of course we have enough people at 80! LOL!