Wednesday, 19 November 2008

DING 80!!!!

Well there we go!

70-80 in 6 days! Phew!

Seriously though, I have to put my hands together to Blizzard for making a great game, utterly amazing.

The quests are fun, they're involved, they keep you guessing from minute to minute as to whats going to happen - where the plot is going to go, and to cap it all off they've added loads and loads more FUN!

Here's a run-down of where I quested:

Howling Fjord - 130/130 Quests Completed.
Dragonblight - 115/115 Quests Completed.
Grizzly Hills - 85/85 Quests Completed.
Zul'Drak - 100/100 Quests Completed.
Storm Peaks - 100/100 Quests Completed.
Icecrown - 61/140 Quests Completed.

Leaving me with the last in Icecrown, all of Borean Tundra, and all of Sholazar Basin to complete.

I'll continue for now in Icecrown as I'm loving the lore so far in there.

Once all those area's are clear that leaves me with 90 quests left in Kalimdor somewhere to find!

Anyway Its late! I wanna go to sleep, here are some pics!


/pat on the back