Thursday, 6 November 2008

7 Days to go...

...till Wrath and this week just couldn't go any slower if it tried. I'm just counting the days now...

I want to get into Northrend and start exploring and leveling up again! I really enjoyed the run from 60-70 as ret and this will be no different. (mainly due to the fact that I' d not leveled as ret before as I leveled Firelight holy from 1-60)

I'm a little disheartened by some of the things they're doing with the professions that I have.

I'm a Macesmith and decided a long time ago to start Mace Smith due to the fact that I thought that Blizzard would follow in their own footsteps again and make another Stormherald or the like.

They're going on about being able to Craft BoE epics - but are they going to be as awesome as the Stormherald? I doubt it. Whats the point of being a specialist in a profession of you're not allowed to craft stuff that is BoP and makes being top in your profession if you get nothing out of it? I mean yeah we'll be able to add gem slots to our gear as a blacksmith, but Its just not the same.

I understand their point of view on this due to the epic tailoring items that were so imba at the time they were released into the game and some people complained about it I guess. (spellfire set i think was the one that caused the most issues)

But we'll see - they might get pressured into releasing something mid expansion.

Anyway Last night Rage did our last run into Black Temple and finally I got my Mace! Yes that's right I've finally got my Torch of the Damned.

Obviously i was very apprehensive about the raid - I was worried about dps etc so I tried a couple of new things.

First I started using Seal of the Martyr instead of Seal of Command. In a full raid experience I was pumping out MORE dps than I was last week!! Yes! MORE! I was a little surprised about this to say the least - I'd tried SotM before now and it'd been worse dps than Command. But now command has been nerfed (to the ground baby) and Martyr was buffed so its the seal of choice now.

I was putting out a sustained 1700 dps all night and was sitting at 3rd-5th dps.

I warned our healing leader that I'll be taking more damage than before but to be honest our main tank last night was a paladin so he was judging Light all night and I never really had a problem - even when I was getting Martyr procs of 5-6k. Wow does that buff give a lot of damage out in packs of mobs. Pew Pew!!

The tool tips were a bit screwed up as well - hammer of wrath said 35% still even though its only available at 20%. I think a few other things might have been out of whack given the maintenance this morning. (Unless Blizzard nerfing us more in some sort of stealth way....)

So I'm happy - Blizzard have managed to keep the PVE DPS awesome. I've not tried pvp other than dueling one of our resto shamans while he was healing himself.

I've just been judging Wisdom and my mana's not really disappearing as some people are saying. I mean i just sat plugging away at him for 4/5 minutes till he ran out of mana. I was getting big procs but nothing like we had before. But i was still able to burn him down when i hit Avenging Wrath and opened up all my abilities.

I'm going to try doing some pvp this weekend and see what the crack is - Since the patch I've been doing pvp in PvE gear just cos it hits so hard regardless to the fact that I go down fast.

But I'm not too worried - I'm not a PvP'er.