Tuesday, 11 November 2008

2 Days To Go....

OOOHH!!!! 2 days!!!! GIEF!!!!

Just a quick update!

Last night i grouped up some peeps from Devotion (another raiding guild on our server) who were forming a raid for the bear mount.

We all met up outside Zul'Aman and buffed up. It was cool to see 40 people again in a raid outside of Alterac Valley.

We rode over to Silvermoon in a big pack - kinda like the big pack that opens out from AV and re-grouped on a hill just outside the entrance. After a minute or so - just enough time to let the slow-coaches catch up. Then we rode in!

It was EPIC! This was my first proper raid on a City Boss in the 2 and a half years I've been playing and I just loved it!

We got to the boss quickly and cleared the guards then started on the boss.

Wow...this took a LOT longer than I imagined! He had 5.5 Million Health points and even though we'd all stacked as much hit rating as much as possible I was still only hitting him for 2.5k max on certain abilities i knew would hit for 5/6k in 70 raids.

So slowly level 70 hordies turned up one by one - stupidly attacking or healing the boss and getting killed either by the mass AOE or by people just killing them quick.

After 20 mins or so a LARGE number of horde turned up and wiped us out.

The boss was at 7%


But wow what a blast that was!

Just after the raid disbanded (I was luckily able to res and bubble/hearth) in general city chat it turned out 1 or 2 of the raid guilds had heard about our attack, stopped their raids in BT/MH and turned up right at the end to kill us! Doh!!

But how awesome was it! At level 80 that will be over so much quicker! I cant wait for a re-match!!

In other news I managed to clear out a load more space from my bank - I was ruthless and chucked out anything I didn't need - well i vendored it - I had 4 different tanking gloves for some reason. Infact I'm tempted to chuck out all my tanking gear - maybe I'll keep some of the nicer pieces.

Anyway not long to go and i'm getting more and more excited by the minute!!!