Monday, 17 November 2008

Ding 78!!!

Well that went quicker than I had imagined! I've moved up to the Storm Peaks for questing - while the mobs are 2/3 levels higher than me, the amount of XP I'm getting is very nice for the little extra work I have to do.

The Brunnhilder quest line I'm on at the moment is simply Awesome!! Just after I Dinged I went on a quest where you have to ride on a Proto Drake, and fight other people actually sat on the drake the 2 of you fighting - hand-to-hand! Awesome! (well i smashed their faces in with my mace! hahahaha!)

Also as I got my Mount I flew all around the lands having a nose, and got my Explorer achievement including the title and a cool Tabard.

Pics of my conquests/exploration from 77-78 below!