Wednesday, 12 November 2008

T-Minus 12 Hours and Counting...

OH MY GOD!!!! 12 Hours to go!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

I'm going to my local Gamestation in Portsmouth tonight at midnight to pickup my copy of the Collectors Edition. I cannot wait to get my grubby little mits on that box and get it installed asap and get my ret-butt into Northrend!

I've decided to start leveling in the Howling Fjord - due to this apparently being a good place to start - I've read that in a few places and BRK mentioned it in his latest podcast. (don't ask why I listen to a hunter podcast, I just find that guy so funny!)

I'm sat here at work - counting down the damn minutes till I can get home and then do a few last things in the old world before I say goodbye to Ouland and jump on the boat.

I will be posting regular updates and screen shots throughout the time I'm leveling to 80 with fun stories and some other cool stuff - and maybe some videos!

Didn't really get up to too much last night - did a couple of heroics - one of which i respec'd prot to tank - first time I've done that for a long time! Was right back to Ret immediately afterwards though! Did some more spring cleaning of crap in my bank - and Prep'd my Banker as well - she's got her own guildbank too - so lots of space to store up drops etc that I decide to keep - if anything - I imagine I'll just be throwing as much cloth as i can onto the AH as its going to be worth a fortune initially. I remember when TBC came out - Netherweave was selling for up to 50g per stack! It was nuts!

So watch this space for regular updates over the coming days!