Monday, 1 December 2008

Latest Achievements.

Hey Guys!

Just thought I'd make a post about the latest achievements I'd gotten, or been involved in getting!

Its been a busy weekend - and I had planned on posting about my latest gear upgrades and some other bits, but I don't have any of my pictures here at work so I cant. Maybe tonight or tomorrow!

Anyway I've been involved in some pretty cool stuff over the weekend so lets break it down:

PvP Achievements:

1 - Black War Bear! Yes that's right, I joined a group of 30/35 people and after a bit of waiting for everyone to gather oh a hill just north of Thunderbluff. Its about 12am server time and we're hoping its quiet as the last thing we wanted was Horde interference.

There were about 3/4 hordies in TB who didn't get involved, and one poor soul who just happened to be passing and flagged lol SPLAT!

Cairne Blooodhoof went down in a few mins and with in the glory of our battle we decided to move to Silvermoon to take down Lor'themar Theron. He was cake.
Next we went to Undercity. Travelling via the sewer it seems if you've not completed the quest chain in Dragonblight then you cant enter with your comrades.

Sylvanas has a few interesting abilities including the ability to vanish, ice block everyone then appear ranged and start taking potshots at the group. As we got her down a shaman turned up flagged just as we were running out of the room. Ha Ha! he went down so fast! 33 vs 1 is a bit unfair!

That left Thrall. We quickly over crowded one of the Zeppelins to Ogrimmar and flew across the sea. We re-grouped outside the west entrance to Orgrimmar. Once we were ready and buffed we rode in - killing guards on the way.

Finally we met some resistance, the last 3 bosses had been cake with only 1 or 2 horde turning up.

We were mid fight and suddenly 20/30 horde came in and wiped the raid. But all was not lost. During the scuffle I manged to complete another 2 achievements:

10,000 Honorable Kills.
That Takes Class (got the DK kill I was waiting for!)

After about 10 minutes of waiting as ghost the horde finally cleared off and we got back to work.

What I and a few others were surprised about is that the Troll leader is in Thralls chambers and has to be tanked/defeated as well, and annoyingly there is no achievement for killing him.

Thrall went down eventually, followed by Vul'jin or whatever his name is (Who has an annoying ability that turns everyone into a frog!)

So that snagged me "For The Alliance" and I got my Black War Bear!

I also managed to get 300 Shard things from instance bosses and some pvp in Wintergrasp and snagged myself a Black War Mammoth!


I've cleared all the instances in Wrath on heroic now (5-man) and our guild have cleared all 4 wings in Naxx and took down Sathiron in 10 man last night (spell check pls!) although I wasn't present.

I joined a 25-man group for Archivron in Wintergrasp - man is that guy cake! we hit the enrage timer though but still managed to get him down with only 4 people left standing! Cant wait to get him down with the guild so we can get some proper loot from him - was a bit of a farce at the weekend - people needing when they shouldn't have - stupid master looter released during the fight so missed out on the kill. So I got my first Emblem of Valor as well.

I've gotten my t7 gloves from badges, and now I'm saving up for other bits - like neck/rings/trinkets.

I've managed to replace pretty much all my gear now with epics from heroics or naxx. leaving me with just 2 blue quest-trinkets/heroic drops and 2 level 70 rings from Black Temple.

I also leveled my Blacksmithing on Saturday and crafted myself a new epic helm - cost me a small fortune though! 6,000g or there abouts all in to get to 440 B/S and including the mats for the helm.

Crazy business! There goes my plan to get a Grand Mammoth from Sons of Hodir rep.

Anyway that's enough for now!

Edit: Added the pics!