Friday, 31 October 2008


Hey guys!

So the hot fix came and to be honest aside from a small change to our mana regen, (although i find if you judge wisdom its not really a problem I think this may be to do with the level of my gear perhaps?) my DPS is only down a little but, but something odd has happened - the other people in the raid seem to have gotten used to their new abilities and started doing more damage.

I've yet to try out things in Battlegrounds or Solo'ing. Although I have been doing a lot of the scourge attack things - killing the ghosts and skellies out and about where I can, and honestly? As long as I open up with judgement of Wisdom I don't need to stop to drink - in fact the only time I ever have water on me is in raids when mages put up food tables.

I guess when 3.0.3 hits we'll really feel it. Just I'm not sure if I should drop Seal of Command all together and stick with Seal of the Martyr.

I got my T6 belt last night from Brutalus (Thanks!) - Illidan didnt drop a t6 chest token, and the bracers went to another paladin.

So Monday/Tuesday will be working on Felmyst i guess and then Wednesday will be our last run into Black Temple before the expansion.

I just want the expansion to be here NOW!