Thursday, 15 January 2009

Wipe Nights

Hey peeps! Been quiet round here for a few days, just not much going on really - I'm planning a 2-3 week raiding break to cool off and level my alts to make some gold for raiding as it seems I'm pretty broke right now in game!

Anyway I wanted to take a few mins to talk about wipe nights after Rage has had a few problems downing Malygos 25.

So 10 of us had cleared him a week ago after 4 or 5 attempts as I said earlier.

So Monday night we gathered 25 of our finest and headed over to Malygos. Where we spent the whole 3/4 hours wiping. our best try was about 4/5% left.

Everyone seemed to get what was going on, but something was causing chunks of the raid to get killed either in phase 2 or early on in phase 3.

So 4 Hours, 2 flasks, 20 food items later and probably about 150g in repairs we called it a night.

Total cost for the night? At least 250-300g in mats/repairs.

I didn't raid on Tuesday night due to having to grind some girlfriend rep, but the same thing happened - 3/4 hours of wipes on Malygos. That enrage timer is a real pain.

Now I have no problem throwing away that sort of gold on progression raids, but I imagine a lot of other people do.

Not being a great grinder, and having maxed my rep with all the daily quest giver factions I don't see the point in doing dailys other than the cooking quest. (Further more it seems that to get 40 factions to exalted is not retro active. If you're exalted with Aldor, as soon as you drop below exalted, if you had 35 factions to exalted you'd loose 1 and drop to 34. Confirmed by Blizzard)

So this leaves me a little short to say the least. I've tried playing the Auction House, but it seems that in order to get a long in this you have to spend a lot of time in the AH, this just bores me to be honest. I do my daily scans on the AH so maybe one day I'll try it properly.

So what this brings me to is now the fact that I have to take a break from Raiding to level up some alts. I guess the hardest part will be not spending the gold on mounts!!

I have to say that I wasn't expecting to start raiding so soon. I think I had based my expectations on what happened to my raiding group when TBC hit 2 years ago and the fact I didn't start raiding again for 4/5 months after the expansion was released.

Has anyone else been in a similar situation where you have to stop raiding to gain gold, and what did you do about it if anything.