Thursday, 29 January 2009

Mana Issues with Ret?

Hey guys! Just wanted to take a few mins to talk about something that seems to be bother a few peeps.

Josh @ Eye for an Eye posted about his mana issues and having to go for Glyph of Consecration to over come this.

Now Glyph of Consecration increases the length and cooldown time of Consecrate by 1 second. Meaning you spam it less often.

Rather than use Glyph of Con. I use Glyph of Seal of the Martyr/Blood. This increases the amount of mana you receive from Spiritual Attunement by 10% while the seal is active.

This little awesome glyph keeps you topped up in fights like Patchwerk where you don't(shouldn't) receive much healing. (don't get me started about random 14k Chain-Heal procs you shamans!!)

Reading the comments about the glyph on it seems no-one agrees and now has me 2nd guessing something that seems to help me keep my mana going.

The only time I ever have to consume a potion is if i'm solo'ing stuff now. In last nights raid for instance we cleared 3 wings of naxx-25 and I didn't take *ANY* potions - not even health pots.
I'm wondering if I should start carrying around DPS potions for the last 20% of boss fights when I pop wings or when Heroism is up.

I'll list what Glyphs I'm using later in case you're interested.


Last night I was invited in the Naxx as someone dropped out at the last minute.

Once again all that dropped was stupid Protector T7.5 items, but I manged to get to 60 something Emblems of Valor so just purchased my shoulders that way instead.

I did however get 1 loot item:

Aged Winter Cloak
154 Armor
+38 Agility
+57 Stamina
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 43.
Equip: Increases attack power by 110.
Equip: Increases armor penetration rating by 28.

Which is lovely! I had the emblem cloak before so this was a nice crit upgrade for me.

I also got gems fitted to my t7.5 shoulder and legs, and enchanted my new gloves:

Crude Discolored Battlegrips
Hands Plate
1436 Armor
+75 Strength
+82 Stamina
Equip: Improves hit rating by 74.
Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 43.

This was the last piece i needed to get me over the hit cap again which is now sitting at 294 meaning I can possibly play with some new boots/belt/neck or something in the future.

I also went for the Massacre enchant for my Axe - controversial? +110 AP is pretty nice!

I'm sitting at 35.1% crit now unbuffed and way over 3k Attack Power.
(In raids fully buffed I'm hovering around 5k AP and 40-45% crit depending on Druids!)