Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Cooking Achievements Completed!

Well almost!!

Hey guys! Just wanted to talk about a few things that I've done lately.

I've completed all the cooking achievements - well there's one left - the 100 cooking tokens one.

I managed to scour the face of Azeroth in search of the last 13 recipes I needed for the 160 recipes achievement, and managed to get them all without having to get the chimera chops or the Thistle Tea recipe.

If anyone is interested I could list what recipes I have. Maybe I'll make a post about it!

I've kinda not got the will to level my alts at the moment. Which kinda defeats the object of me being on a raiding break - this has not been helped by having computer problems.

I bought a new case and a new heatsink/fan for the cpu and tidied the cables to promote air flow in the case - just need to buy an additional 120mm case fan and I'm set. Got a lot of things to try out tonight in the hunt to work out what the problem is that's causing the crashing.

I hope I can get it fixed soon - thankfully it only seems to crash the PC when I'm travelling around Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor and not in Northrend at all.