Friday, 9 January 2009

Set Bonuses, Ghost Hit Rating and Librams....

Well It seems that Jacob was right in the comments for my last post about Ghost Hit Rating being hotfixed in the server restarts - only the EU servers got them 24 hours later so my tests were still valid at the time.

I've done some more tests with my current gear and I need another 1% Hit Rating to be capped. (Or I put on my old legs for the time being till I get something else with 79 Hit rating on it.
Its only 1% so I'm not so fussed. Didnt seem to affect my DPS too much last night.

We finished off Naxx and moved to Sartharion again last night - the Kel'Thuzad fight was very messy at the start and somehow I managed to get killed very early on by Kel's ice block thing - and not receiving any healing. Kinda annoying but I've not been to Kel for a couple of weeks, so the rest of the team managed with out me it seems as he went down FAST!

So Stoico asked earlier have I tried any other gear that would mean I loose my 4x set bonus. Well to be honest I've not gotten any replacement gear yet to replace any of my t7/t7.5 stuff.

I use for as a guide to what is good or not good for replacement dps items.

As for Librams, I'm using the +damage to crusader strike one from Naxx-25 as according to its a 1dps increase compared to the grizzly hills one (which I had been using till 2 days ago)