Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Malygos 10-Man Explained.

Hey peeps!

Last night Rage were supposed to get together and go take down 25-man Malygos.

Sadly we were missing a few people so we did 25-man Arcavon instead then split into 2 groups - 1 moving to naxx and the other moved to the Eye of Eternity.

I was picked for malygos, which was really cool because I'd not witnessed this fight properly before. So I'm going to try to explain as much as I can remember from the fight.

Phase 1.

The tank will grab Malygos - please allow him a few seconds to grab aggro. The rest of the raid should stand in the centre of the area bunched up. As Malygos is being tanked a star will appear and make its way to Malygos - if it gets to him it will give him a 10/15s buff that increases his damage by 50%. This stacks so don't let any get to him or your healers will have a hard time healing the tank. So you have to kill the stars before they get to Malygos. Once destroyed they drop onto the ground a lightning field that if you stand into it you get a 50% damage buff. So what you wanna do is kill them as they come to the raid. That way you get a stacking buff - each of them giving +50% damage - the most we say in 10 man was 3 of them (total 150% damage increase) which was pretty sweet.

Phase 2.

At 50% malygos gets annoyed and summons a load of blood elves of discs that have to be killed before phase 3 starts.
There are 2 types of these blood elves - 3/4 or each type.
The first type that move along the floor and the second that fly in the air.
The ground ones have to go first - once they die they drop the discs they're on and the melee classes can jump on the discs and fly up in the air and kill the flying ones.
While your fighting the ground ones, the flying ones will be firing crap all over the place that hits for 14k damage unless you're hiding inside one of the Arcane bubbles that appear on the platform. These bubbles only last a short while - getting smaller and smaller, but thankfully more appear for you to run into. This phase is really easy - as long as you stick to the bubbles if your on the platform. (people on the discs flying around wont get hit by the 14k arcane bolt things) Once all the adds are dead we move to...

Phase 3.

At this point Malygos is REALLY pissed! and he blows up the platform!

OH MY GOD!! We're falling to our death!!

Thud! Wow I was caught by a dragon! Cool!!!

So Your dragon has 6 abilities.

1 - Fires a fire bolt at Malygos that puts a combo point on him and does fire damage over time(which stacks)
2 - Does a damage to malygos based on the number of combo points you have up on Malygos
3 - Same as 1, but Heals the target and puts a combo point up.
4 - Sets off an AOE heal based on the number of combo points up on the target
5 - Fire shield - This protects you from Malygos for a certain amount of damage based on the number of combo points up on Malygos.
6 - Speed buff.

The entire raid should just do the following (apart from the Main Tank)
Press 1 twice so you get 2 combo points up on malygos, then wait till you have 85 energy and press 2.

Just keep doing that and eventually you can be doing 100k dps due to the number of stacks of the fire damage up on Malygos.
If Malygos ever targets you and you get the warning - press 5 to protect yourself.

The Main tank should mark himself with a raid mark and target one of his/her fellow raiders and start spamming 3 till he has 5 combo points up and then press 4 to do the AOE heal.

While he is doing that he should also be move around Malygos or the Lightning Fields will kill the raid.

Everyone should stick together - then provided you have enough time after phase 1 and 2 then its a cake walk.

So that's the basics of the fight - i suggest you watch the Tank-Spot video on YouTube as this is a really good video tutorial.

Anyway so I got my Champion of the Frozen Wastes title - so I'm happy!

After the raid my 3v3 team did some arena matches and after a few matches things started to gel together quite well. Although our enhancement shaman kept getting ganked quite fast early on in the matches. Eventually after some macro's being written for my hand of protection we started winning some matches. I still deplore rogues in pvp. Yes that means you, you stun locking sunofab****.

Once we've done some more matches I'll report on it more.