Friday, 23 January 2009

Big Big Thanks to Xaodaria!

Just wanted to make a quick post about something that's just happened in game!

Let me just fill you in on a couple of things. I've been running UBRS on and off the last 2 and a half years trying to get my Lightforge Spaulders.

They dropped once for me and a warrior ninja'd them back when I was level 60. Ever since then I've been running that instance whenever I could get a group together.

Since 3.0.8 I've run UBRS 8 or 9 times and The beast has only dropped some cape and Finkle's Skinner. Every time he went down, those items dropped.

So I thought I'd raise a ticket to the GM's to ask if The Beast's loot table was bugged.
(Don't laugh! It was worth a try!!)

So when the GM finally come to talk to me I'm in UBRS again with a couple of guildies....

"*Jumps out of the bush and screams Buu!* Greetings Firelight, I am Game Master Xaodaria. Do you have a moment to discuss your ticket?"

"Aah!! You scared me! Yes I do"

"What seems to be the problem?"

"In a lot of runs, and i mean a lot, The Beast is dropping the same items over and over"

"Yes the shoulders have a lower drop chance than the other items."

"But after 3 years of coming here they only drop once?"

"Yeah, they are rare."

"Oh I'm killing him now again, fingers crossed!..........

....Wahey!! They dropped!!!!"

"Did they? :) "

"Yeah" I don't believe it! You must be my good luck charm!!"

She then asked me to stand still and she dropped a Chocolate cake into my bags!!

I ate the cake and I was explaining this on vent to my guildies and the rogue in the group asked if I could ask her to make Drakki drop the shadowcraft tunic -which then dropped!

While we were fighting him I noticed that the GM had /cheer 'd at me, and there she was!! Standing there for a few seconds!! The first time I've seen a GM in game!

So she asked if I needed anything else and I said "You couldn't make the legs drop for me too in strat could ya!!" as a joke, and after she had gone I went to Strat and they he dropped the legs!!

That was probably just luck to be honest, but it was a fun few mins that's for sure!

So Happy Birthday Xaodaria I hope you have a great day!!

And here's me in all of my Dungeon 0.5 set!

Edit: Oh and in case you didnt notice I'm back to a man again!!