Monday, 26 January 2009

Chef Firelight the Elder

Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying the Lunar Festival!

Well as you can probably guess from the title I've managed to get another 2 titles to add to my collection!

Lets start with my thoughts on the Lunar Festival Achievements.

All of them are very easy provided 2 things;

1 - You're level 80

2 - You can get a group to kill 1 boss in a heroic.

The running around seeing all the elders really couldn't be easier - just time consuming.

As for the opposite factions city elders - I'd suggest you either go very early in the morning, or with a large group. Thankfully even though I did mine at like 11am on Saturday we didn't meet any resistance at all and were able to get in and out - no problem.

Other than going to the other factions cities there are no Battleground achievements this holiday(unless you count going to the elder in Wintergrasp)

Most of the instance elders can be solo'd easily by a level 80. I did the majority of the instances with a Mage guildie (Hi Umari!)

So come Saturday afternoon I was Elder Firelight!

So that brings me to the Cooking Title: Chef

Like everyone else who wanted this title we were waiting for the extra recipes to come with the patch.

Then it was just a case of getting the last 8 points to get me to 450. This was expensive - thankfully I was able to get a couple of guildies who had spare fish for me.

All in all a pretty successful weekend when it came down to it.

Aside from my computer problems - I'm really at a loss now - when I run WoW in windowed mode the game will randomly restart my pc in certain places in what appears to be Kalimdor.

I re-installed WoW - that didn't work.

I re-installed Vista - that didn't work.

I updated all my drivers and that seems to work OK but I've been running the game in full screen mode. I wouldn't mind if the PC was old - but the kit is only 2 months - well not even that.

Lets see what happens, but I'm slowly starting to loose my rag!! Gaaahh!!!

Oh and before I forget I listened to the WoW Insider podcast over the weekend live and was in the chat and Mike Schramm gave me a mention on air!!